Diogenes’ Lantern Nomination: June W. – Davis, OK


Diogenes' Lantern at The LIttle Store in Davis, Oklahoma
Nominee: JuneW
Title: Diogenes’ Lantern Nomination: ┬áJune W. – Davis, Oklahoma
Posted on: 07/14/2011
Posted by: Dlantern
Location: Oklahoma, United States

Nomination Excerpt/Teaser:
June W. runs a very small shop called The Little Store in Davis, Oklahoma. Davis is a small town of about 2600 people…

Nomination Description:
June W was a truck driver for 25 years, but now runs a very small shop called The Little Store in Davis, Oklahoma, a small town of about 2600 people a few miles east of I-35.

When I drove into town, The LIttle Store was the first place I stopped…it looks like it used to be one of those single pump mini gas stations at one time. The covered area out in front of the store is stacked with used items of various types. The interior is very small, and it’s clear from a cloth partition hanging acrosss the interior that the store is also a home.

I spoke to June at length, asking her about Davis and if she knew anyone in town that might be worth nominating. Davis has seen better times, and life there is a struggle for many, according to June, and she told me about many worthy efforts in the area, and she also told me several stories about the people in Davis that are struggling.

During the course of the conversation, it became clear that June herself was doing a lot of good in Davis. She did not talk much about herself at first, but in the course of talking about who was helping whom, and how families were trying to get by, little pieces drifted in…

The way that children who could not afford to shop at the dollar store across the road would visit The Little Store with nickels and dimes and go shopping. Too young to read the prices, June sells them items for a few coins without telling them that they are supposed to cost $1-$2. All the clothing in her store is free. June keeps a notebook of items that families need, and when she finds those items at other stores or on Craigslist, she forwards the info along.

She gave me the names of a couple of other possible nomination candidates and directed me to The Davis News, the local newspaper. I thanked her and kept on going, eventually ending up at The Davis News. They gave me the names of several candiates, and confirmed that June does give away all her clothing for free.

The ladies I met at there were very nice, and when I was leaving one of them asked to hold on, then went off and came back with $20 and gave it to me…my very first donation to Diogenes’ Lantern :) . I was touched, but I knew as I was getting back in my car that leaving this town with $20 in my pocket would bother me later, so I stopped back at The Little Store, and and gave June the $20 (and told her where it came from).

She sat there stunned for a few moments, then her eyes got blurry and she told me that business had been really slow the past 3 months and that she was trying not to be short on her rent for the first time ever, and that the $20 would really help her; so I knew I had made a good decision.

June is the kind of person I really am looking for with Diogenes’ Lantern…she barely has 2 nickels to rub together herself, yet she still helps others, not just in a material way, but by buoying their spirits.

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Area code: 580
Zip code: 73030
Gender: Female
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